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EXCLUSIVE: Virginia Riots Staged To Bring In Martial Law, Ban Conservative Gatherings

Racial tensions in America are being purposefully encouraged, and are laying the groundwork needed to impose martial law. Help us spread the word about the liberty in the responsibility of law abiding life! Follow daily and support heath and well-being. Join The Movement and Get Paid Online Today in www.WinningRights.Us for real online income streams of www.McDads.Org resources with resourses to fund your ideas and services. Yes, executive order is necessary for the protection of the USA ecology for all www.Ameri-CANs.Info citizens joining together against criminal geo-enginering. Visit: and share with everyone on everything through social media! Make Signs for Cars!!! Trucks!! Your Back & Front of Clothing for Your Grandkids and your future gardens!!! Arrest the Bastard as Christians and God fearing folks of the globe and Nature! "Stop The Poison" help line in www.4HISpr.Info Prayerline Together We Stand & Live!!! Join The Movement Today & Now!

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